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Deep Down / Friday, 25 February 2011 12:45

Many social issue documentary films entertain and enlighten, and ideally, achieve a social mission. Our mission in making Deep Down was to open up a dialogue about complex issues surrounding energy and natural resource extraction in America, and to connect communities who are dealing with the impacts of our consumption of energy. Through a grant from the Fledgling Fund, and in partnership with ITVS Community Cinema, Natural Resources Defense Council, and other nonprofit organizations, we embarked on a multi-faceted community outreach and engagement campaign that included nearly 100 community screenings and discussions, social media, the Virtual Mine game and curriculum, and in-person connections between community organizers working on both ends of the energy system and dealing with its environmental impacts. The results of our outreach campaign are summarized in this Deep Down Final Report (PDF), and featured in the following video produced by Working Films. It is our hope that other filmmakers and organizers can make use of what we learned through our own outreach strategy and experimentation.

Also check out this report from Deep Down subject and key instigator, Beverly May, about why she decided to disobey a lawful order and get arrested on the White House Lawn. Co-Director Jen Gilomen and many Appalachian allies were there for the historic event, Appalachia Rising.

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