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Deep Down / Thursday, 31 December 2009 17:18

Deep Down is a unique film that follows one community in Eastern Kentucky.  It has been preceded by significant historical and contemporary films that have laid the groundwork and context for Deep Down . We encourage you to learn more about the vast domain of energy production and coal mining by checking out these films:

Our Reel Engagement Collective

We are collaborating directly with these powerful films and filmmakers who all came together for a Reel Engagement summit with Chicken & Egg Pictures, Fledgling Fund, and Working Films.  Together through a digital campaign, a screening tour, and connected actions, we plan to paint a more complex and interrelated picture about energy and climate change.

Dirty Business
Dirty Business reveals the true social and environmental costs of coal power and tells the stories of innovators who are pointing the way to an alternative energy future. Can coal really be made clean? Can renewables and efficiency be produced on a scale large enough to replace coal?
When filmmaker Josh Fox discovers that Natural Gas drilling is coming to his area—the Catskillls/Poconos region of Upstate New York and Pennsylvania, he sets off on a 24 state journey to uncover the deep consequences of the United States’ natural gas drilling boom.  Will have it’s broadcast premiere on HBO on June 21, 2010.
Split Estate
Imagine discovering that you don't own the mineral rights under your land, and that an energy company plans to drill for natural gas 150 feet from your front door. Imagine another shocking truth: you have little or no recourse to protect your home or land from such development. Split Estate maps a tragedy in the making, as citizens in the path of a new drilling boom in the US struggle against the erosion of their civil liberties, their communities and their health.
Sun Come Up

Sun Come Up follows the relocation of some of the world’s first environmental refugees, the Carteret Islanders – a community living on a remote island chain in the South Pacific Ocean. When rising seas threaten their survival, the islanders face a painful decision: they must leave their beloved land in search of a new place to call home.

When Two Worlds Collide
Still in production, When Two Worlds Collide, follows Indigenous leader Alberto Pizango’s journey to save the Peruvian Amazon, 70% of which has already been sold to multinational corporations, from the destruction oil and gas exploration.  An important film to remind those working on fighting extractive industries in Appalachia that the same struggle is happening in other countries even more vulnerable to industry.
Cape Wind
A compelling film that follows the politics and spin surrounding the controversial Cape Wind project in Nantucket Sound.  Features members of the Alliance for Appalachia as they helped Wind proponents organize to construct the turbines.  Offers a story of hope and potential solutions to our nation’s dependence on Dirty Energy.

Other great films

Harlan County USA , by Barbara Kopple, is a preeminent story about coal mining in Eastern Kentucky. It documents the 1974 strike of mine workers in Kentucky. (Academy Award for Best Documentary, 1976)

Mountaintop Removal , by Haw River Films, is an excellent introduction to mountaintop removal mining, covering many of the communities and people who are fighting against MTR.

Kilowatt Ours
, by Jeff Barrie. This fun and inspiring feature-length documentary takes viewers on a journey from the coal mines of West Virginia to the solar panel fields of Florida, as he discovers solutions to America's energy related problems.

Black Diamonds
, by Catherine Pancake, illustrates in graphic detail the destructive effects of mountaintop removal seen through the eyes of local citizens, as well as national experts.

The Electricity Fairy , an Appalshop film by Tom Hansell, will creatively combine present day documentary footage with old educational films and an animated folk tale to reveal the hidden costs of America's major source of electricity.

The Appalachians is a multi-part historical series that tracks the Native Americans and the people who came to this land from Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Africa, Mexico - and virtually every other part of the world.

Latest News from Deep Down

Reel Power Grassroots Mini-Grant Recipients Announced

This month, the screenings of "Deep Down" and other Reel Power films begin across the nation.  Check out the "supertrailer" for this collection of powerful environmental films that together, tell a much bigger picture about energy and our relationship to it.