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Deep Down / Saturday, 09 January 2010 12:51

Builder Levy's Appalachia
Images of Appalachia by professional photographer Builder Levy (published here with permission).

Appalachia Scenes
Scenes and landscapes from Appalachia.


Susan Lapis, SouthWings Pilot
Stills from our flight with Susan Lapis, the volunteer SouthWings pilot who is featured in Episode 1 of People Power.


Power Plants in Racine, Ohio
Racine, Ohio, surrounded by four massive power plants. Several members of the Leach family have gotten cancer from particulates in the air.


The Chain of Power
The power chain that connects our wall socket to the Appalachian mountains.


Mine Sites
Images of mountaintop removal strip mine sites.





Maytown and Eastern Kentucky
Several members of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth show us their homes and the mines nearby.



Chris Irwin, United Mountain Defense
Chris Irwin, a lawyer and activist from United Mountain Defense, takes us on a tour of some mountaintop removal mine sites in Eastern Tennessee.


Berea College
Stills from our visit to the Berea College Ecovillage and Appalachian Studies Center.

Latest News from Deep Down

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