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So many people contributed to Deep Down, and the filmmakers are so grateful for their guidance, assistance, and support.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.  The following people made Deep Down possible.

Thank you

These supporters, advisors, edit reviewers, mentors, and colleagues provided critical input to Deep Down and appear in the broadcast credits for the film.


Special thanks to

The following people provided financial support and other assistance to Deep Down.  Regrettably, we could not include them in the broadcast credits because of PBS guidelines for funding, but their assistance was no less important.

John & Heather Abbis

Merlin Andrews

Christopher & Josephine Arn

Ronnie Atkins

Phillip & Teresa Bahr

The Banff Centre

Daniel & Lynn Benas

Leslie Boden

Irma Boland

Winthrop Burr

Carolyn Fratessa Brennan

Korey Brunetti

Margaret Chowning

Rusty Dolleman

Judy Bonds

Tabitha Crawford

Kenneth & Christine Doniger

Ernestine Eisler

Alison Elliott

Barbara Farrar

Bonnie Fenton

Doug Fenton

Meredith Fenton

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Film Arts Foundation

Louise Flaherty

Marion Flaherty

James Fugitte

Gordon & Kathy Gilomen

Nancy Golden & Family

Joanna Goldfarb & Paul Edmondson

Sarah Goer

Joan Goldberg

Melissa Gudal

Doug & Katy Hawkins

Gretchen Hayes

Susan Hemstreet

Truman Hurt

Catherine Isenberg

Summi Kaipa

Stephen Kerzner

Paul Lee & Ruth Bailey

Dorothy Leach

Sarah Lusk

Wendy MacNaughton

Arthur Milholland

Mountain Whispers

Anne Parker

Beth Pielert

Carol Pine

Martin Ratner

Ken & Susan Reich

Diane Resnick

Eric Roberts

Evangeline Rocha

Joel & Judy Rubenstein

Carol Rubin

Frances Rubin

Mariko Sakurai

Janet Sand

Jeanne Sevelius

Naomi Skoglund

Ruth Skoglund

Stephanie Dee Smith

Beth Grady & Duncan Spelman

Allison Spencer

Susan Stacey

Lawrence St. Clair

Trina Steinmaker

McKinley Sumner

Emily Thuss

Carol Tolan

Judy Tsafrir

Isobel Wadsworth

Kathleen Walkup

John & Gloria Wallace

Michael Wilson

David Wooley

Susan & Peter Workum

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