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The Deep Down DVD contains the feature-length version of the film (57 min, HD). The DVDs are packaged with 100% green forestry practices, soy-based inks, union labor, and recycled plastic bottles.

deepdown_dvdcoverinstitutions_150x221EDUCATIONAL (WITH EXTRAS)
newday_logoWe proudly distribute Deep Down through New Day Films to universities, colleges, libraries, institutions, and schools. This version does not contain warning messages and can be used for campus screenings as well as kept in the institution's library or collections for years to come. In addition to the feature-length film, this disk also contains six educational video modules (extras) that go along with our teacher's guide.
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deepdown_dvdcover_150x221HOME VIDEO
A single home video copy of Deep Down can be purchased through Paypal for individual/home use only. (Note that this version contains "home use only" license warnings that cannot be skipped.)


deepdown_communitykit_150x221We are pleased to offer community screening packs for nonprofit organizations and community groups.  The Deep Down Community Screening Pack is designed specifically for nonprofit organizations wishing to host a community screening of Deep Down. The pack contains one copy of the film licensed for public exhibition by your nonprofit organization and ten (10) home video copies (with warnings and license information that cannot be skipped) that can be given as thank-yous to event supporters or participants or can be sold for $10 each at the event to recoup 100% of the organization's up-front costs for the kit. It's a "win-win" community engagement tool for organizations and their constituencies. Deep Down has also produced a Community Screening Toolkit with speaker and post-screening event suggestions, press materials, invitation templates, and promotional assistance to help organizations produce successful community screening events. 

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