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About the People Power series: From the makers of DEEP DOWN, People Power is a short documentary portrait series highlighting just a few of the Americans who are making a difference for the air, water, and mountains that we all share.  Whether the source is giving us a birds-eye view of mine sites, testing streams, or studying sustainable energy sources, "people power" is energy that'll never run out. For those who aren't familiar with mountaintop removal and its environmental impacts, see this introductory video: Mountaintop Removal: The Cumberland Plateau.

Episode 1: Susan Lapis
When Susan Lapis saw the Appalachian region being altered by mountaintop removal mining (MTR) beginning in the early 1990s, she wanted to do something, and she found the power to do so in one of her many talents.
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Episode 2: Hueysville, Kentucky
Rick Handshoe and Lowell Shepherd are two neighbors on Raccoon Road in Hueysville, Kentucky. Lowell expresses his regret over having signed a lease with a local company, as he stares up at his devastated homeplace. Rick picks up where Lowell left off, demonstrating the lack of accountability by environmental entities in the region with a call to the EPA. Watch it ->

Episode 3: Chris Irwin, United Mountain Defense
Originally from the mountains of east Tennessee, Chris Irwin is an attorney and naturalist who's helping to preserve the much beloved mountains of Tennessee. Chris' passion and tirelessness has inspired many to care about these mountains. Watch it ->

Episode 4: Montgomery Creek
"Montgomery Creek" features Truman Hurt, a preacher in Vicco, Kentucky who suffers from black lung caused by years in the mines, and his neighbor McKinley Sumner, who tells us the story of how a coal company mined his family land without permission. Watch it ->

DorothyLeach_Grave_PowerPlant Episode 5: Ohio
Meet Eliza Young and Dorothy Leach, two women in southeastern Ohio whose communities are being decimated by cancer-causing coal-fired power plants in the region. According to the American Lung Association, coal fired power plants are responsible for 25,000 deaths per year, in the United States alone. Watch it ->

faithpiece_dalvinratliff Episode 6: Faith and Mountaintop Removal
This is a perspective on contemporary coal mining from Dalvin Ratliff, who previously worked in the coal industry and who is now a preacher at a small Baptist church in Martin, Kentucky, just down the road from where the documentary "Deep Down" was filmed. ; The church and much of the town had to be relocated due to flooding in Martin; the cause of the flooding has been linked to nearby mines which removed soil that would normally have absorbed rain water. Watch it ->


Episode 7: Berea College: Alternatives & Action
Part of the "People Power" series from "Deep Down," this episode focuses on sustainability and the ways we live. At the Ecovillage, residents who are students of Berea College live with their families in a sustainable community and learn how to grow vegetables, filter water, and reduce their impact on the environment. 
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Episode 8: Mountain Roots: Root Digger
Carol Judy, who lives deep in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee, has a very special connection to the mountains. ; Carol digs ginseng, goldenseal, and other medicinal roots from special spots in the mountains that she knows and loves. 
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