Alex Mack’s Hand Trapped In Cookie Jar [Stuck Porn]


Jamie Michelle recently married a man who already has a son. When her friend Maya Woulfe shows up to hang out and bake cookies, Jamie admits that things in this department were much smoother than she expected. In fact, Jamie thinks Alex Mack is very cute. Stuck Porn Maya responds by saying that she’s pretty sure her stepson is penetrating them both. The girls chase him out of the kitchen every time he walks in and he tries to look at his shirts. When the cookies are ready, Alex returns and sits at the counter.

When Jamie tells him to wait a few more minutes, Alex pulls out his Hardon and takes it out of the girls’ eyes. He doesn’t bother to hide his cock from him when Jamie finally offers him a cookie. So when he puts his hands on the cookie jar, Jamie and Maya see what he’s doing. Alex tries to escape from the ladies, but his hands are actually on the cookie jar. Maya and Jamie catch up with him and discuss what to do, eventually deciding to teach him how to be a man. They release his hands and push him without pants onto the couch.

As Alex watches, the girls take his cock in their hands and show no mercy as they caress and suck it while enjoying each other’s delicious allure. Jamie and Maya take turns removing their clothes until Jamie is naked from the waist down. He puts Alex in a sitting position and then climbs on hers Hardon to ride him and see if he can please her while Maya watches and jerks off. It’s Maya’s turn to get on Alex’s Hardon as she leans down to shove her breasts into Alex’s face. She then lays on her back so Alex can show that he really is a man by beating her while Jamie muffles Maya’s moans by riding her mouth.

Jamie gets back to having fun thanks to Alex’s cock when he gets on his knees and kisses Maya while Alex gives it to him doggy style. Maya even rolls onto her back so she can suck on Jamie’s large breasts as they sway with each thrust from Alex. Maya ends up with her thighs parted and Jamie rubs her clit as Alex reaches her goal. He pulls out just in time to cover his stepmom’s ass with a shot of cum. Maya tries some of these and shares

Date: October 16, 2021