Hardworking Librarians Doing Their Job Seriously [Library Porn]


Librarians Penny Pax and Jay Taylor work final shift in the library. One is putting away books, the other is sitting at his desk and working on the computer. They both look sexy and kinky during their chores. Penny says that she can’t wait to get the job done so they can have fun. Just a little more and you will be free! But Jay can’t wait for them to close, so he crawls under the desk, lifts up Penny’s skirt, and starts eating them.

Penny half tries to make Jay stop, but she’s clearly having fun. Penny wants the library to himself and announces that the library is closed. The last visitors to the library walk up to the desk and look at their books with Penny, unaware that while Penny is helping them, Jay is about to go into town. Penny tries to suppress her moans and finds excuses when the guests look at her strangely.

Karla Kush is the last of the guests to pass and is more talkative. You are about to travel to France, so you have to take out a travel book. Although he notices that Penny is distracted, she is still excited about her journey. As Karla talks, she looks under the table and notices Jay. Trapped, Jay stumbles out from under the table, apologizing for the reason he was there. But Karla doesn’t believe it and calls the two librarians.

They deny it, but Karla threatens to get her in trouble for her actions unless she is invited to a threesome.

Date: September 29, 2021