Kenzie’s Cute Ass Stuck In The Bedroll [Stuck Porn]


Kenzie Reeves is enjoying a pajama party with his friends when he suddenly realizes that an earring is missing. She walks into the bedroom and looks around her, but she can’t find him anywhere! She then decides to get into her bedding to see if she is buried deep in the fabric. She is disappointed that the earring is off the bed, but when she pulls out of it, her hair is caught in the zipper. Oh no, she’s stuck! Nathan Bronson, the hostess’s older brother, walks past the bedroom when he sees Kenzie’s cute butt sticking out of her bedding.

He smiles immediately when he enters the room. Kenzie is relieved that he is there to free her, but Nathan wants to have fun first. Stuck Porn She will let her out IF she is playing with him, a game of what you prefer. Although Kenzie is upset, she plays along so he can help her. However, she DOES NOT expect it if at any point he asks her if she prefers to be ashamed of being taken like that by her friends or getting fucked by her. Since she just wants to get out of the sleeping bag, she opts for the latter.

Nathan gets excited when he takes the time to touch her and eat her from behind her. Even though she’s upset, Kenzie WANTS to admit she feels pretty good … and when he finally shoves his cock in her pussy, it feels even better!

Date: October 16, 2021
Actors: Kenzie Reeves