Let’s See Who is Making The First Move [2 Beauty] [Girl On Girl Porn]


Eliza Ibarra and Anny Aurora have been friends for some time. Anny has a crush on Eliza, but she doesn’t think Eliza moves that way, so she always kept it to herself. Today, however, the girls chat over a drink. The conversation leads Eliza to casually drop that she has had an affair with a girl in the past. Suddenly, Anny sees that there is still an open opportunity for her crush that opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Eliza can certainly feel the heat with Anny. As the tension in the room builds, Eliza takes Anny’s glass to safely set it aside, then leans in to capture her friend’s lips in a deep kiss. They explore each other’s mouths, and then Eliza makes it clear that she is in charge. She pushes Anny back on the couch and then kisses Anny’s neck.

Eliza licks and sucks, pulls Anny’s blouse down and kneels down. She goes to town and sucks and shakes Anny’s breasts. While her mouth remains moving, Eliza’s hand crawls between Anny’s thighs. She lifts Anny’s miniskirt and strokes her thong, then takes off the thong so she can get on her knees and quickly dive into the delights of Anny’s slippery pussy first.

Eager to take her time, Eliza sets out for the long haul. Eliza buries her nose in Anny’s muff, finds Anny’s clit, and goes to town to lick the hot love button. Anny is so wet that the juices from her pussy are everywhere, giving Eliza a musky pleasure. Eliza gets up and lets Anny help her take off her panties and put her on a chair.

Although Eliza’s hard boobs and nipples can be seen, Anny jumps past Go and heads straight for heaven between Eliza’s thighs. Eliza holds Anny’s head exactly where she wants it and makes it clear that Anny has found exactly the right place with her stiff tongue.

The girls move to the couch, where Eliza lays Anny on her back. Eliza sits on top of her new lover and presses her clit against Anny’s. The girls rock together, tribbing in a seductive rhythm that doesn’t stop until they both moan long and loud. Eliza collapses on the couch and waits for Anny to get up and sit next to her. The position allows both girls to stretch their clits and caress each other. Her mutual masturbation is just what brings them to their final climax. The girls seal their newly recognized mutual attraction in a sweet kiss

Date: October 2, 2021