Natasha’s First Sexual Experience With a Woman [Girl On Girl Porn]


Nadia Noja uses the family’s laptop and tries to find a specific audio file. She has trouble finding it because the computer files have been reorganized by her stepmother, Natasha Nice. Nadia looks in Natasha’s folder on the laptop to see if the missing file is there. Instead, she finds a sexy lesbian audiobook, which surprised her because she thought Natasha was straight.

Curious and a little excited, Nadia decides to listen to the exciting audiobook. She gets MORE excited and decides to go somewhere a little more comfortable to listen to the rest. She takes the laptop into her room and closes the door so she can masturbate while she listens to the audiobook on her headphones.

Meanwhile, Natasha enters the house and tells Nadia that she will be arriving early from work. When Natasha doesn’t hear an answer, she opens the door to Nadia’s room and is surprised to see Nadia masturbate. Natasha asks Nadia what she is doing and Nadia responds with a question of her own asking Natasha why she has a hot lesbian audiobook. Natascha admits that she is strange, which is why she had the audiobook.

He wants to try being with a woman, but he was too shy to take the next step. Still appearing in her sexy audiobook, Nadia offers Natasha her first sexual experience with a woman. Natasha hesitates at first, but Nadia convinces her of it and they start kissing. Once they get used to it, their beautiful bodies are touched and pussies are tested. Audiobooks are great, but sometimes

Date: October 4, 2021